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Michelle Malkin's Blog Of Hate: No Bailout For Auto Workers

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By Ben Cohen

The spiteful Michelle Malkin was apoplectic that a bailout deal was reached to save the American auto industry yesterday (although the deal is now floundering due to Republican opposition, and still has not been resolved). Malkin named and shamed the 'anti free market Republicans' who voted for the deal saying starkly ''Remember them". Scary......

It still amazes me how free market Republicans are sticking to their guns - adamant that their philosophy is correct despite the entire system crashing around their heads. Malkin is wilfully ignorant about the crisis, and has attempted to blame minorities, Democrats and the poor for the economic collapse. Heaven forbid she questions her own philosophy, but then that would require a degree of intelligence and empathy she clearly lacks.

Unable to disguise her utter disdain for working class Americans and poor people, Malkin simply cannot help herself and continues to fill her blog with vicious nonsense day after day. As I stated in an earlier article, please Michelle, go away.