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Stupid Hall of Fame: Bob Lutz

by Ari Rutenberg

General Motors Vice-Chairman Bob Lutz is not new to the ranks of the epically stupid. However, he seemingly feels that calling global warming a "total crock of shit" is not enough experience to qualify him as a giant, flaming asshole.

So now, to burnish his inconsiderate dickwad credentials, Lutz decided to go on Fox News (video below the fold) and talk about how "the American public wants sport utilities and large pickup trucks." The reality is that GM wants to sell us its gas-guzzling bricks-on-wheels because they have double or triple the margins on those cars compared to small, efficient models. And I'm quite sure that even if they do want big cars and trucks, they don't want the second-rate POS tin cans that GM produces these days (save the new Cadillac lineup, which isn't bad).

But the fact that Lutz's statement is patently incorrect and self-serving isn't what makes him intergalactically stupid. That honor goes to the fact that he has done this in the same week, and practically the same breath, that his boss GM CEO Rick Waggoner has had to drive to D.C. to kiss some Senate ass and beg for money to save the long-failed industrial corpse known as GM. In order to get anything, GM has had to agree to green its fleet, and not in the half-assed way they've been going about it for the past decade.

Seems like Lutz really knows how to save face in the wake of a cataclysmic disaster at his company. He uses the Bush method. You know, the one where you shove your head so far up your ass that there is no more face to lose. And the Bush method has the secondary advantage of covering your ears, which prevents exposure to the derisive, mocking laughter the entire rest of the human race is flinging your way. Along with Wagoner, Lutz should be fired and mercilessly mocked for the rest of his life for leading the crusade to drive American industry out of business.

Hey Bob, if your so goddamn smart, why has your company been failing for 20 years?

Enjoy the video (via Think Progress):