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Israeli - Palestinian Crisis Deteriorating

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By Ben Cohen

While the economic crisis boils in the U.S, the Middle East continues to fall apart with no serious engagement from U.S leadership. The Obama presidency needs to make this an urgent priority, from day one. From Amy Goodman, via

You may not have heard much lately about
the disaster in the Gaza Strip. That silence is intentional: The
Israeli government has barred international journalists from entering
the occupied territory.

Last week, executives from the Associated
Press, New York Times, Reuters, CNN, BBC and other news organizations
sent a letter of protest to Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert
criticizing his government’s decision to bar journalists from entering
Gaza. Israel has virtually sealed off the Gaza Strip and cut off aid
and fuel shipments. A spokesman for Israel’s Defense Ministry said
Israel was displeased with international media coverage, which he said
inflated Palestinian suffering and did not make clear that Israel’s
measures were in response to Palestinian violence.