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Cameron Warns Pound is at Risk

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By Ben Cohen

David Cameron has warned Britain that borrowing its way out of the economic crisis would further devalue that pound. He told the BBC: "Even though we're borrowing absolutely at the limit, to go out and
borrow another £20bn and to have a short-term giveaway, and then to
have to whack up taxes later - I think that is a massive mistake. "

What on earth does he suggest Britain does? Reduce welfare programs for the poor, and deregulate even further? That tried and tested method has led to the almighty cock-up we're in now. Every serious economist believes that huge government spending is the only way out of this mess, and given Cameron won't subscribe to raising taxes, where does he think the money should come from? He would do well to pipe down right now and let serious people take charge. As Obama succinctly put it, "What a light weight".