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Dead Babies Can Take Care of Themselves

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Guest Post by David Glenn Cox

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When is enough, enough? Sometimes reading news stories can be
unsettling and then sometimes it can just make you damn angry. Here in
America we live with a multi level media colossus that spews out
garbage on every level, they too also lie who just ignore the truth. We
are all familiar with Fox news 24 hour running propaganda network but
they have to get these stories from some where, they can’t make them
all up. They would if they could but they’re just not smart enough.

In 2007 thousands of family pets worldwide died due to melamine
tainted wheat and rice protein imported from China. American pet food
companies sales were devastated by the poisonings. I personally will
never buy Iam’s products as long as the grass grows and the rivers
flow, they’ve saved an estimated ¼ penny per can by using Chinese wheat
gluten in their products rather than domestic but just for fun lets
look at what melamine is and what it does.

Melamine is an organic base chemical most commonly found in the form
of white crystals rich in nitrogen. It is commonly used to make
plastics, counter tops, glue and a host of other industrial processes.
It is not approved by any national or international governing body for
use in food, food products or food processing.

So how could this highly toxic chemical end up in our food supply?

At the time of the pet poisonings, everyone, the Chinese, the
American government and the pet food companies all feigned complete
shock and dismay. Then a single Chinese suppler was singled out for an
accidental contamination but as the mass die offs of family pets
continued unabated it became clear that more than one Chinese supplier
was responsible.

The Chinese company blamed had initially claimed complete innocence
and was cooperating in the investigation. The US Congress held hearings
in last April but resisted the public’s call to regulate the now
self-regulating pet food industry.

As universities continued to study what mystery chemical was killing
family pets by the thousands and how it had accidentally slipped passed
the self regulated pet food industry Cornell reported and verified that
it was melamine in March of 2008.

By April 1st both Cornell and the FDA announced that the
presence of melamine had been confirmed. The chemical was found in the
suspected wheat gluten in raw concentrations as high as 6.6 percent.
Stephen Sundlof, the FDA's chief veterinarian said, "There was a
sizable amount of melamine. You could see crystals in the wheat gluten."

Thousands of dead dogs and cats all with melamine in their systems
thousands of samples of pet food all contaminated with high levels of
melamine and what does the FDA report to the public? What is their
official position? Despite the presence of the industrial chemical in
both the food and in the animals, the FDA has made it clear that they
are still in the middle of an extensive investigation, and "not yet
fully certain that melamine is the causative agent."

Then media silence, they just wait for the story to fade away, just
a terrible accident the wheat gluten was only used to thicken the gravy
in the wet pet food products they claimed. But it didn’t go away
instead it reemerged in even a worse form. The poisoning reemerged this
time in infant baby formula manufactured in China. By the end of
September 94,000 infants have been injured worldwide. Andrew Ferrier
the head of New Zealand’s dairy giant Fonterra claimed, "In this case
we frankly have sabotage of a product," perhaps that explains why
Fonterra waited more than a month to announce a recall.

Ferrier offered, "that unknown parties were behind the industrial
sabotage." Fonterra owns 43% of the Chinese Sanlu Group responsible for
the tainted infant formula. While Mr. Ferrier sticks to his claims of
industrial sabotage New Zealand’s Prime Minister Helen Clark blamed
Chinese officials for the almost six-week cover-up.

"They have been trying for weeks to get official recall and the
local authorities in China would not do it," she said. "At a local
level … I think the first inclination was to try to put a towel over it
and deal with it without an official recall."

The fears of contaminated baby formula swept across Asia and
prompted fears of tainted Cadburys chocolates and other products made
with milk. Comments on Chinese internet forums such as
suggested that Government and Sanlu officials had colluded to cover up
the scandal because of central Government pressure to ensure that no
bad news blighted China's hosting of the Beijing Olympics, which
finished on August 24. Sanlu is China's biggest milk powder producer
and is majority state-owned.

From claims of one off industrial accidents to accusations of
industrial sabotage the scandal spreads to include corporations and
even governments as the promises of "never again" still reverberate in
our ears. But there is a dirty little secret in the industry and an
open secret in China. According to the World Health Organization, "In
China, where adulteration has occurred, water has been added to raw
milk to increase its volume. As a result of this dilution the milk has
a lower protein concentration. Companies using the milk for further
production (e.g. of powdered infant formula) normally check the protein
level through a test measuring nitrogen content. The addition of
melamine increases the nitrogen content of the milk and therefore its
apparent protein content."

It’s not accidental, it’s not industrial sabotage it is quite
intentional and goes on to this day. Your Food and Drug administration
with a budget of two billion dollars would certainly never tolerate the
intentional adding of toxic industrial chemicals for the purpose of
fooling quality control tests in infant formula would they?

Small Melamine Amounts in Formula Are Safe, FDA Says

Nov. 28 (Bloomberg) -- The industrial chemical melamine is safe in
baby formula in small amounts, U.S. regulators said, revising their
earlier recommendations.

The Food and Drug Administration’s discovery of melamine and a
byproduct of the chemical in two U.S.-made formulas doesn’t pose health
risks, said Stephan Sundlof, director of the agency’s Center for Food
Safety and Applied Nutrition, on a conference call today with
reporters. The FDA had said before finding the contamination that
melamine may be harmful in infant formula in any amount.

In China, officials said melamine was added to milk illegally to
artificially boost protein readings. The FDA said that wasn’t the case
with the U.S. samples. Melamine is approved for use in some food
containers and may leach from packaging, Sundlof said.

"I don’t know the reason it is appearing in some products and not
others," he told reporters. "I really don’t want to speculate on why it
is in some and not in others because the real answer is that we don’t
know at this point."

The FDA began testing infant formula in September and has so far
analyzed 74 of the 87 products it has collected. None of the samples
contained both melamine and a related compound, cyanuric acid. After
reviewing the samples and animal studies, the agency decided that
either melamine or cyanuric acid alone is safe in formula at 1 part per
million or less.

Nestle SA’s liquid Good Start Supreme Infant Formula with Iron
tested positive for melamine in as much as 0.14 parts per million, and
cyanuric acid was found in Bristol-Meyers Squib Co.’s powder Enfamil
Lipil with Iron, in as much as 0.249 parts per million, Sundlof said.

No Safety Determination

The FDA still doesn’t know what level is safe if both compounds are
present in formula because the combination has been linked to more
buildup in the kidneys. For other foods, that level is 2.5 parts per

The FDA may not know a safe level but I damn sure do, that level is
zero! We are not talking about fines or losing high paying positions
here but about jail door slamming hard time. To knowingly import
products potentially harmful to the weakest members of the American
public is a crime against humanity. That the Federal bureau assigned to
protect us answers with "we still don’t know what level is safe" but
bring it on anyway is inexcusable. Just more of the globalism follies,
So just when is enough, enough?

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