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Deepak Chopra Schools Dorothy Rabinowitz

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By Ben Cohen

Deepak Chopra delivers a resounding smack down of right wing loudmouth Dorothy Rabinowitz for her vicious article in the Wall St Journal:

Ms. Rabinowitz is on the editorial board of the now Fox News-affiliated

Wall Street Journal


Its editorial page has long been a faithful stenographer for the

Neoconservatives and the Bush/Cheney administration's benighted

approach to militant Islam. Elsewhere, my son addressed the

complexity of the terrorist

problem and the US involvement in it. Gotham Chopra has experience as a

war correspondent in the Middle East, including Pakistan and


While returning from Afghanistan, he was arrested after
interviewing an Afghani leader (which caused immense anguish for my
wife and I). Suffice it to say that the causes of Islamic terrorism are
complex. To trivialize my views on a topic as vast as terrorism with: "Deepak Blames America,"
as Ms. Rabinowitz has done, not only suggests how abysmally uninformed
she is, but also speaks to the ever-sinking journalistic standards of
her newspaper.