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Canada Gets The Crazy Stick This Week

We booted the GOP, so apparently there's a need to correct the imbalance of crazy here in North America. Canada, you're up!

Parliament was suspended midday Thursday after Gov. Gen. Michaelle Jean agreed to a request from Prime Minister Stephen Harper to interrupt the session, a decision that means his government has staved off certain defeat in a non-confidence vote scheduled for next week.

After emerging from a nearly two-hour meeting with Jean, Harper said Parliament will resume on Jan. 26 and the first order of business will be the federal budget.

"Last Friday, I asked Canadians to give us their opinions on the parliamentary situation. That feedback has been overwhelming and very clear. They want Canada's government to continue to work on the agenda that Canadians voted for - our plan to strengthen the economy," Harper said.

So Harper's Conservatives have a minority ruling government, and the other liberal parties team up to knock him out so he appeals to the Queen's rep and they shut down parliament.


I confess to knowing next to nothing about the Candian government, but on the surface its kind of weird that someone with an apparent connection to the Queen of England has any sway, let alone more sway than she's got in the UK. Or something. Canada, WTF?