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Still Hope For Progressives

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By Ben Cohen

Robert Scheer is still hopeful that Obama will provide the change he promised:

Yet, it all does hang on him. Yes, Obama. The superstar, and not that

supporting cast of retreads from a failed past that have popped up in

his administration in the making. Now that we have the list of his top

economic and foreign policy picks--mostly a collection of folks who

wouldn't know change if it slapped them upside the head--we've got to

hope that it's Obama who is using them, and not the other way around......

If there is a grand arc to Obama's appointments strategy, it seems
aimed at providing the appearance of continuity on the part of a leader
who still promises to be very different. Clearly that was the case in
retaining Robert Gates as secretary of defense and Marine Gen. Jim
Jones as his White House national security adviser. Both choices could
have been far worse. Jones has been involved in the exercise of "soft
power" initiatives and seems like an otherwise sensible fellow. Gates
has been a vast improvement over Donald Rumsfeld in grasping the limits
of military power.