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Obama On British Conservative Leader: "What A Light Weight"

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By Ben Cohen

According to a report in the New Statesman, Barack Obama was "distinctly unimpressed" with British Conservative leader and possible Prime Minister, David Cameron. After hearing Cameron's Eurosceptic views and meeting with him for over and hour, Obama's verdict was not a good one . "What a light weight", he was reported to have said.

This must come as a terrible blow to Cameron, as he has been desperately trying to follow every other modern British politician in becoming the American President's lap dog.

Also, it is remarkable how confident Obama is. The President elect isn't exactly experienced in the political arena, but it appears he can trade on even terms with any heavyweight, at home or abroad. His comments about Cameron reveal a veiled viciousness, and a serious political instinct. Politicians constantly sniff eachother out, and the best ones are brilliant at assessing weaknesses. Obama needed about an hour to do this with Cameron, and his assessment was dead on.