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Netflix On XBox 360

Its sort of rare when a piece of technology acts almost exactly as advertised. As someone who had been in the Windows world for about 15 years I think I'm mighty skeptical. I remember lining up for Windows '95 and then realizing that while better than Windows 3.1, better is a term of art rather than a hard and fast law. When I switched to being mostly Mac-based in the last couple years, I've seen tech work closer to how its been touted, ditto for the iPhone and iPod.

But this is Microsoft here, and while the XBox is - in my opinion - the best next generation system out there, it hasn't been flawless (I have had two red rings of death). And I really wish I could play Blu-Ray on it somehow. But the recent rollout of the new dashboard (and I could do without the cutesy Mii-knockoffs) has been pretty slick and the streaming both from my desktop and via the Netflix service has been awesome. It's actually easier to navigate than the Comcast On-Demand system in my horribly noisy cable box. The only big drawback I see is that I have to go to my computer and log in to Netflix to add video to the queue. I don't see why they couldn't build a way to flip through Netflix via the XBox.

But it's still a pretty sweet feature. It's no Gears Of War 2, but then...