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10 Democrats Who Should Go Away

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By Ben Cohen

On Monday of last week, I published an article '10 Republicans Who Should Go Away'. For some reason, the article went down a storm and received well over 100,000 hits. Reading the comments and emails I received was probably more fun than writing the article (which I enjoyed immensely), but I was a little taken aback at the debate I seemed to have sparked off. A host of conservative bloggers were up in arms, raging about liberal 'hate' I was spewing, and the temerity I was showing for insulting their idols. Neal Boortz called me a 'Moonbat', and Michelle Malkin fans left comments on my site accusing me of being a 'liberal terrorist' and a 'communist'. I did however, receive some intelligent emails asking why I was only focusing on Republicans.

The Democrats have in some ways, been worse than the Republicans. As a
party, they've stood idly by as the Bush Administration has literally
ransacked the country, trashing the constitution and driving the
national debt into unchartered territory.

So in order to show the Right that progressives are not reflexive liberals, I thought I would pen an article listing the top 10 Democrats who should go away. And by 'go away', I don't mean censor, or prevent from speaking. I'm asking that they do it themselves - shut up for the good of the country. Here they are (in no particular order):

1. Joe Lieberman

Lieberman is not a Democrat in any real sense of the word - he is a foreign policy hawk and a fiscal conservative, remaining liberal on only a few token issues (abortion, gay rights etc). Lieberman was a vociferous supporter of the War in Iraq, threatening Democrats if they didn't support it and hyping up the non-existent threat from Iran (a country that spends the same amount in a year on its military as the U.S does in a week in Iraq). Lieberman is the quintessential corporate shill, selling his soul to the pharmaceutical companies and defense contractors while painting himself as a 'moral' Democrat, mostly because he doesn't cheat on his wife (see his outrage over Monica Lewinsky) and believes in blowing up Arabs whenever possible. Supporting John McCain was one thing, but breaking a pledge not to go negative on Obama was completely unforgivable. The only reason Joe is still a Democrat is because his party is almost as spineless as him, and won't throw him out for fear of appearing too liberal.

2. Mark Penn

It's hard to find a kind word about Mark
Penn, CEO of PR company Burson-Marsteller and chief strategist of
Hillary Clinton's campaign. Penn is about as greedy as they come in the
modern era of political hackery and corporate corruption, and Penn has
his fat little fingers in about as many dodgy pies as humanly possible.
Burson Marsteller has represented
stellar companies like Black Water and Countrywide, and lobbied hard
for Free Trade agreements that have wrecked the lives of millions of
poor people. While Hillary Clinton went on an anti NAFTA campaigning
jaunt throughout the Mid West, Penn was busy promoting a free trade
agreement between the U.S and Columbia at the behest of leading human
right's violator and president of Columbia, Alvaro Uribe. So corrupt
was Pen, that he had to resign from Clinton's campaign (never known for
its purity), and publicly apologize for the clear conflict of interest.
In terms of strategy, Penn exemplifies the slash and burn politics of
Karl Rove, using anything and everything to win. He wanted to use
Obama's foreign upbringingduring the primary, focusing on his lack of 'American values'. He wrote in a strategy paper:

All of these articles about his boyhood in Indonesia and his life

in Hawaii are geared towards showing his background is diverse,

multicultural and putting that in a new light.....

It also exposes a very strong weakness for him—his roots to

basic American values and culture are at best limited. I cannot imagine

America electing a president during a time of war who is not at his

center fundamentally American in his thinking and in his values.

We've not heard much from Penn in the political arena since, and
hopefully it will stay that way. He'll no doubt continue to destroy the
lives of poor people in the corporate world, but his stock as a
political consultant was damaged badly after the Clinton debacle. Penn
is not obsolete, but with operatives like David Axelrod and David
Plouffe taking center stage, his days are seriously numbered.

3. Harry Reid

When Reid the Democrats took power in 2006, they were elected by war weary citizens that were fed up with President Bush and the Neo Conservatives. Despite his position as Senate Majority Leader, Reid failed spectacularly to reduce war funding or establish a firm time timetables for troop removal from Iraq. Reid showed the cojones of a neutered kitten, and has spent the last two years backing down to the Bush Administration instead of doing what he was put in power to do: stand up, and stop the war. When the effort to put timetables for withdrawal in the war funding bill failed to override Bush' veto, Reid and other members of Congressional leadership caved and gave Bush all the money he asked for in the first place. Amazingly, Reid didn't even push for a compromise. Should Obama follow a more centrist agenda than he promised during his campaign, you can bet Reid won't do anything to hold him accountable.

4. Nancy Pelosi

Nancy Pelosi finds herself on this list for many of the sames reasons as Harry Reid. Failing to enact a serious time tables for withdrawal from Iraq, as well as repeated caving to the Bush Administration's war efforts, Pelosi also refused to seriously consider impeaching President Bush. Pelosi argued her role as Speaker of the House was to "try to bring a much divided country together," and that "impeachment would be divisive.".
She believed that Congressional Leaders would not be able to further
their Democratic agenda in the midst of an impeachment process, regardless of the overwhelming evidence that serious crimes had been committed. Representative Dennis Kucinich introduced 35 articles of impeachment that asserted directly that impeachable offenses (crimes) had been
committed. These crimes include taking a nation to war based on lies, the deaths
of a million Iraqis (constituting a war crime),
illegal wiretapping, rendition, torture, and illegal detention. If
impeachment can't take place because it's politically inconvenient,it begs the question as to whether or not the Legislative Branch still serves as a check and balance on the Executive Branch. According to Pelosi it can't, and as a consequence, her name will go down as one of the most ineffective Speakers in history.

5. Chris Matthews

Chris Matthews seems like a genuinely
nice guy. He loves politics, and he loves his job, but for all the
wrong reasons. Matthews knee slapping, frat boy journalism has
contributed massively to the dumbing down of politics in America. The
title of one segment in his show is called 'The Politics Fix', which
really says it all. For Matthews, political issues are to be consumed
like cups coffee, quenching an addiction rather than enlightening our
intellect. Discussions often look like public masturbation as 'experts'
of various sorts are invited to pontificate on inane subjects they've
specialized in. In a panel discussion, here's what Matthews had to say about President Bush's 'Mission Accomplished' speech back in 2003:

proud of our president. Americans love having a guy as president, a guy
who has a little swagger, who's physical, who's not a complicated guy
like Clinton or even like Dukakis or Mondale, all those guys, McGovern.
They want a guy who's president. Women like a guy who's president."

Most disturbingly, Matthew's analysis of the war consisted of how it rated with undersexed housewives:

it out. The women like this war," he said with a straight face. "I
think we like having a hero as our president. It's simple. We're not
like the Brits. We don't want an indoor prime minister type, or the
Danes or the Dutch or the Italians, or a [Russian Federation President
Vladimir] Putin. Can you imagine Putin getting elected here? We want a
guy as president."

Thanks Chris. Don't worry about the thousands
of innocent lives lost in the invasion, the enormous waste of tax
payers money and monumentally catastrophic consequences for the region.
Matthews is capable of real journalism
when he wants to, and is apparently looking to run for the Senate in
2010 as a Democrat. Let's hope he grows up by then and takes it

6. Rep John Dingell

The long-serving Michigan congressman has been this single
biggest road block to better fuel emissions standards, and to all other
forms of regulation on the automakers. Though generally a progressive Democrat, his intransigence in terms of fuel emissions standards is
completely intolerable. Not only are GM, Ford, and Chrysler his three biggest
campaign donors, his wife Debbie Dingell is GM's chief lobbyist. He has been one of the primary behind-the-scenes players in Detroit's
downfall, shielding the automakers from all of the disastrous failures of
the last 20 years and helping them resist true innovation and
progress. Thomas Friedman, strangely, had some pretty harsh words for Dingell in a recent NYT op-ed:

The blame for this travesty not only belongs to the auto executives,
but must be shared equally with the entire Michigan delegation in the
House and Senate, virtually all of whom, year after year, voted however
the Detroit automakers and unions instructed them to vote. That
shielded General Motors, Ford and Chrysler from environmental concerns,
mileage concerns and the full impact of global competition that could
have forced Detroit to adapt long ago.

Indeed, if and when they

do have to bury Detroit, I hope that all the current and past

representatives and senators from Michigan have to serve as

pallbearers. And no one has earned the "honor" of chief pallbearer more

than the Michigan

Representative John Dingell

, the chairman of the

House Energy and Commerce Committee who is more responsible for

protecting Detroit to death than any single legislator.

is some good news on the Dingell front though. Since he just lost the
Chairmanship of the House Energy and Commerce Committee to the Mustache of Justice, (otherwise known as Henry Waxman), we might already be
rid of him. But its still a little early to throw the party.

7. Robert Rubin

No one has done more to create, and less to help alleviate, the current financial crisis than the former Secretary of the Treasury, and current CitiGroup Chairman. His deregulatory stance, and refusal to regulate derivatives as Secretary of the Treasurary laid the groundwork for the Bush abdication of financial regulation. An October 9th article from the NY Times points out that in 1997, the Commodity Futures Trading Commission, headed by Brooksley Born, invited comments on how to best oversee certain deriviatives:

Born was concerned that unfettered, opaque trading could "threaten our
regulated markets or, indeed, our economy without any federal agency
knowing about it," she said in Congressional testimony. She called for
greater disclosure of trades and reserves to cushion against losses.

Ms. Born's views incited fierce opposition from Mr. Greenspan and

Robert E. Rubin


the Treasury secretary then. Treasury lawyers concluded that merely

discussing new rules threatened the

derivatives market

. Mr. Greenspan

warned that too many rules would damage

Wall Street

, prompting traders

to take their business overseas."

later, Ms. Born resigned and the Commodity Futures Trading Commission
was stripped of its authority to regulate derivatives. Recently Mr.
Rubin still failed to recognize his own culpability in the matter,
saying "All of the forces in the system were arrayed against it...The
industry certainly didn't want any increase in these requirements.
There was no potential for mobilizing public opinion."

must have been great to grow up in Bob Rubin's house, where as long a
you wanted to do something and really, really didn't want rules, it would be okay. Unlimited candy for the kids? No problem! Ruined teeth and attention deficit disorder? Well, they didn't want to be regulated, so not my fault! How on earth he managed to end up as an adviser to Obama is anyone's guess, as Rubin is lucky he is not in jail.

8. Steny Hoyer (D-MD)-

Majority Leader Hoyer is a perfect example of the old saying "with
friends like these, who needs enemies." In pursuit of nothing but his
own aggrandizement, Mr. Hoyer led the charge to capitulate our
Constitutional rights to the whims of the Bush Administration. Hoyer
led the negotiations for the Telecom immunity bill, in which he judiciously
negotiated away our rights as free citizens. As the eloquent and thorough Gleen Greenwald pointed out:

"It's bad enough watching the likes of Steny Hoyer,

Rahm Emanuel

and a

disturbingly disoriented Nancy Pelosi

eviscerate the

Fourth Amendment

, exempt their largest corporate

contributors from the rule of law, and endorse the most radical aspects

of the Bush lawbreaking regime. But it's downright pathetic to see them

try to

depict their behavior

as some sort of bipartisan "compromise" whereby they won meaningful concessions...GOP

House Whip Roy Blunt

derided the telecom amnesty provision as

nothing more than a "formality" which would inevitably lead to the

immediate and automatic dismissal of all lawsuits against the telecoms,


Sen. Kit Bond

taunted the Democrats for giving away even more

than they had to in order to get a deal: "I think the

White House

got a

better deal than they even had hoped to get


In true Democrat style, Hoyer told us he was negotiating on our behalf, then actually gave Bush more authority than he had even wanted. He also unrepentantly (and unsurprisingly) voted for the Iraq War authorization. Thanks a bunch, Steny.

9. Bill Clinton

Bill Clinton may have pulled it out at the last minute for Obama, but his behavior during the primary was completely unforgivable. Racist innuendo, temper tantrums and outright lying, Clinton degraded himself to the point where close friends had to intervene through the prime time news. To boot, Clinton presided over huge deregulation of the financial sector, and helped ram through the disastrous NAFTA while in office. He then supported President Bush in the lead up to the War in Iraq (then had the gall to question Obama's policy judgment). Clinton is great at rallying Democrats, but represents virtually nothing they stand for. His slippery 'Third Way' politics consists mostly of extreme right wing economic policy packaged in left wing rhetoric, something we are hopefully moving away from. Sorry Bill, but you have to go.

10. Joe Lieberman

Yes, Joe Leiberman is such a dick head, he's on the list twice. Joe, please stop pretending you are a Democrat. The party has suffered enough humiliation over the past 8 years without you rubbing their faces in it. The peverse pleasure Lieberman seemed to be taking for trashing his party, smearing Obama and cheerleading the opposition should have been enough for any serious Democrat. Yet Lieberman got away with it and ended up keeping his position in the party - showing that no matter how pissed off the country is, the Democrats will work extremely hard to piss them off even more.

Ari Rutenberg and Peter Bauer contributed to this article
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