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What Will Happen To Bloggers During the Economic Crisis?

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By Ben Cohen

I've written before that we haven't felt the worst of the economic crisis by a long, long way. As credit dries up, there is less money to hire, invest and grow, so people will lose jobs and companies will downsize. The blogging industry hasn't felt the crisis yet, but the prognosis isn't good. Here's an interesting piece by Henry Copeland of '', the biggest ad network for bloggers:

It’s clear that the post-bubble economy will be far tougher and
weirder than any of us have ever experienced. In theory, Internet
advertising will not be hurt as much as other mediums because it
cheaper and more measurable. But advertising, whether online or not, is
a discretionary budget item and therefore extremely easy to eliminate
in a downturn. The reality is that when agencies fire whole teams and
clients put all ad buys on hold, every media company will suffer.

There’s always lots of noise in measuring a sales pipeline. Total
contract signings per month fluctuate up and down. Individual deals are
so heterogeneous it’s impossible tell whether a delayed order or
hearing “the budget was cut” is signal or noise. And it’s hard to know
whether the individual buyers we know lose their jobs just because of
normal turnover or because their entire division is undergoing a
mandatory downsizing. But, viewing all the data together, we know
everyone is experiencing a dramatic slowdown.