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What Will Hannity Do Once Colmes Has Gone?

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By Ben Cohen


The dynamic duo on Fox News is apparently breaking up for good. 'Liberal' Alan Colmes will be leaving Sean Hannity to further his own career, ending 12 years of partnership with the conservative poster child. According to the Huffington Post:

OX News Channel's (FNC) Alan Colmes will relinquish his role as co-host of Hannity & Colmes at the end of the year.

In announcing his decision, Colmes said, "I approached Bill Shine
(FNC's Senior Vice President of Programming) earlier this year about
wanting to move on after 12 years to develop new and challenging ways
to contribute to the growth of the network. Although it's bittersweet
to leave one of the longest marriages on cable news, I'm proud that
both Sean (Hannity) and I remained unharmed after sitting side by side,
night after night for so many years."

How will Hannity cope without Colme's soothing liberalism? Will he explode in a fit of unfettered conservatism? The thought of Hannity left alone is truly scary. Colmes hasn't exactly challenged Hannity over the years, but he has provided some sort of a check to his rampant Republicanism. I have to say, I'm pleased Colmes has decided to get out of this abusive relationship. Working as a liberal gimp with the biggest bully on Fox can't have been good for his self esteem, and Colmes may finally blossom when out by himself. But Hannity may find himself distincly out of sorts. Like a domineering husband without a submissive wife to beat on, he could find himself descending into Ike Turner territory, of even worse, hosting a show like Bill O'Reilly's. Either way, it won't be fun to watch.