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Water Out of Thin Air

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Science and Environmental Round Up

By Ben Cohen

Could there be a revolution in how we get water? Imagine having a gadget that literally draws water out of the air, purifies it, then trickles out as drinkable water. Well, it's already here, and you'll be able to have one in your kitchen.

The myth of global cooling during the 70's debunked - another blow to the anti global warming lunatics.

Obama may be surrounding himself with Clintonites and listening to distinctly un-progressive economic advisors, but he is taking the environment seriously.

Want to live forever? Scientist at the University of California, Irvine have invented a drug that promises to stimulate enzymes that regulate the function of mitochondria. Break down of the mitochondria is one of the major reasons for disease, and preserving it should dramatically reduce degeneration of the body's tissue.