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The Con Bubble

Nate Silver discusses how the world of talk radio has hurt conservatism. It's very true. The right has constructed an alternate reality, and been so succesful at creating this alternate reality that they choose it over reality.

I experienced this myself in conversation with one of my regular conservative readers who argued with me that Barack Obama running ads attacking Sarah Palin over abortion was a sign of weakness... for Obama. The problem is that the Democratic position on abortion - access with restrictions - is far closer to the mainstream of American thought than Sarah Palin's - the outright banning of abortion. But if you watched Fox News and listened to talk radio you would think just the opposite.

I also noticed it on con blogs and Free Republic when the polls all indicated that Sen. Obama was headed for a significant victory over McCain. It wasn't that the campaign was being run poorly or that Obama was doing well. Nope, the polls showing Obama in the lead were clearly a sinister plot by the liberal mainstream media to convince the American people to vote for Obama (or, because the pollsters were in blue states their results couldn't possibly be accurate). That's crazy talk, and yet it was a mainstream point of view for the right - reinforced by their media. It's a lot like people in a cult who simply can't step out of their cult-world and review things objectively.

The upside of this is maybe they'll go live in their alternate reality where George Bush has a 90% approval rating and John McCain won the election and leave us alone while we clean up their mess.