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John Cusack Rips Culture Of Greed

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By Ben Cohen

A brilliant article by John Cusack, a true progressive and speaker of truth to power. Forget the Angelina Jolies and Madonna's of this world, Cusack is the real deal:

The final irony of the free-market Darwinist model is instead of the

strongest and best surviving, it's really the weakest and the worst.

From a moral and spiritual point of view this is hardly in doubt. See

George Bush. The gospel he purports to serve tells us this but perhaps

he saw Christ as a conqueror. I've always doubted men who call

themselves Christians who live by the law of the jungle. The gospels,

the Koran and the Torah make no bones about it: wealth is not strength;

power often represents not the brightest and the best but the weakest

and worst. The beast in the Book of Revelation is not a horn-rimmed

devil but Rome. Empire. Any empire. Every empire.

As Bush leaves office, the real truth is this: the new economies of

the world disprove everything he ever said. Apparently that doesn't