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Cutting Off The Junkies

speedy green arrow junkie

So, let's say you've gone through a rigorous hiring process and now you're the CEO of one of the Big 3 automotive companies. What, in a rational world, do you do? You look at the finances, you match that up with market research and listen to what I assume is a bunch of supposedly smart guys and gals who are the best and brightest our big business schools have to offer.

Then there's an economic slowdown and now you can't make payroll in a month or so?

That's the hallmark of a poorly run business, and no matter how big a part of our economy, one we simply cannot keep propping up. Its amazing that these guys, who pray at the altar of the free market and pump billions in to the RNC and the Chamber Of Commerce are now among the most socialist in the country. They want a handout that dwarfs almost everyone else.

It is far past time we allow the American auto industry to commit suicide, and ditto for other government-subsidized industries like airline travel. We'll pick up the repercussions on the other end of this mess, and cut off their supply of addictive handouts.