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Clinton Secretary Of State Stuff

I've mostly ignored this because until any cabinet announcements are made there isn't much real news to it. That said, if President Clinton's entanglements are going to make it a pain in the ass, I'd rather they not do it. Secretary of State, especially post-Bush, is an important and tough job. I think Sen. Clinton would do a good job at it, but if she's going to be hampered in negotiations with the President of Flubberstan because Bill Clinton is on the board of directors for Flubber, Inc. it's a waste.

BY THE WAY: If this stuff is such a roadblock to Secretary of State, how the hell were they planning on being the presidential candidate?

UPDATE: Also, in the coverage of this it has become accepted that Sen. Clinton campaigned hard for Sen. Obama. My gut feeling is that this isn't true. Oh, she campaigned, and it was more than the perfunctory stuff she did for Kerry, but... I dunno.