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Adrienne Bailon's Nude Photo "Leak" And Do People Really Believe This?

Oh, come on. Does anyone actually believe this story? Attractive young Disney starlet just happens to have nude and semi-nude photos of herself on her laptop, and this laptop is stolen at the airport. And then the nude photos are held for ransom.

Really, is there anyone who actually believes this? The release of nude photos and sex tapes are part of the p.r. strategy for starlets nowadays, just like in the past studio heads would set up stars and starlets on "dates" then tell photographers where the couples would be "canoodling". We live in a world where Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian are known to people beyond their families because of sex tapes that accidentally "leaked".


A couple days ago nobody knew who Adrienne Bailon was unless you were a regular watcher of the Disney Channel and now? Brilliant.