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Malkin Pleased To Be On Top Ten List of Idiotic Republicans

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By Ben Cohen

Michelle Malkin was pleased to be on the list I wrote last week on '10 Republicans who should go away'
She writes:

Whoo-hoo: We're Number Three!

…on a Huffington Post blogger’s list of “10 Republicans Who Should Go Away.”

I’m a conservative, not a Republican. But whatever.

We’re Number Three! And not going anywhere.

You've got to love this about the crazy Right - they do relish combat (although not when it's real, of course). The sad thing is, her fans think this is a two way race -their side versus our side, Left versus Right, Democrat versus Republican. The thing is, I'm not trying to compete with Michelle Malkin - she simply illustrates a point about the coporate media and relentless drive to dumb down the population.

Despite her overwhelming self confidence, there really isn't much too the conservative pundit. Her knee jerk politics are fairly easy to sum up, and her grasp of economics is shockingly poor. She wrote an article for blaming illegal immigrants for the economic crisis, and thinks people in desperate need of economic assistance are 'moochers and entitlement mongers'. Malkin likes to think of herself as an intellectual and does her best to write serious articles. But 10th grade research skills and selective quoting doesn't make her the female incarnation of William F. Buckley.

The article I wrote managed to offend literally thousands of people. My inbox has been jammed with some hilarious emails. I particularly liked this one:

Ben, in keeping with your list of insults against 10 Republicans who should go away, I figured I would hurl them right back at you. Besides name calling, do you have any facts to back up any of your bullshit accusations? Hit me with it JRod, I'm waiting. I dont expect to hear back from you because deep down you know you're more full of shit than the 10 GOP you're bashing. A sincere fuck you Ben Cohen! I get so sick of you faggy liberal idiots.

I seemed to get a lot of emails like that, accusing me of not backing up my assertions. The article contains multiple sources, all hyperlinked for convenience. Conservatives may not have liked the sources, but they were there.

Libertarian ego maniac Neal Boortz was also upset, but mostly because he wasn't the list:

And now, according to a moonbat, we have a list of 10 Republicans Who Should Go Away.
I guess they knew I wasn't a Republican, that's why I didn't make the
list. Read the comments ... and then remember that these people accuse
conservatives of "hate speech."

No Neal, you weren't on the list because of your strange Libertarianism, you were simply not interesting enough. Publishing silly books about 'fair' taxes (supported by Sean Hannity - an immediate disqualification) and warbling on about 'Big Government' doesn't put you up there with the big boys (and girls). Sorry Neal, you'll have to work a bit harder to become a Malkin.