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Michelle Malkin's Blog of Hate: Defending Torture (Again)

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By Ben Cohen

When it comes to spouting hatred and bile, Michelle Malkin just cannot stop herself. In her recent diatribe on, Malkin has taken up the Right's favorite fight about 'enhanced interrogation techniques' (or torture, as normal people put it), arguing its merits and belittling anyone who disagrees with her:

The human rights crowd is right: Life is hard for a Guantanamo Bay

detainee. The deprivation is unspeakable. According to the facility's

"cultural adviser," their brains have not been "stimulated" enough. So

this Thanksgiving, America is drawing up plans to provide the 250 or so

suspected jihadists at the "notoriously Spartan" detention camp with

basic sustenance including, as reported by the Miami Herald, movie

nights, art classes, English language lessons and "Game Boy-like"

electronic devices.

Treating people held in illegal prisons like human beings is a step too far for Malkin, and she would like to see everyone get on board with her tough love program for suspected terrorists (proof of guilt is not required). Malkin does correctly point out that the Democrats and Obama are beginning to soften their rhetoric about closing Gitmo, claiming that:

Nothing clarifies the mind like a jihadi boomerang. Never before have

an administration and its followers matured so quickly in office -- and

they haven't even taken office yet.

Anyone with a heartbeat should be horrified that Obama would be reconsidering his stance on closing Guantanamo, but Malkin is positively giddy that a Democratic White House would continue abusing prisoners without oversight or due process:

Now, at long last, some liberals have realized that the sacred goal of

"regaining America's moral stature in the world," as Obama put it, may

be less important than ensuring that al-Qaida killers don't strike on

American ground again.

Reading Malkin is always a delight. Her relentless drive to be as mean spirited, controversial and blunt as possible makes it almost fun to hate her. One suspects Malkin has another, sweeter side to her acid personality, but as yet, there is more evidence of the existence of the Loch Ness Monster. It would be nice if Malkin would change the tune and direct her considerable rage to a subject worth discussing intelligently, (like the economic crisis) but it's unlikely her readers/viewers would want to hear it. Hate, prejudice and belligerence seem to be working well for her, and as long as that is the case, she deserves as much ridicule as possible.

Amen to that.