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John McCain a God Send to Democrats

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By Ben Cohen

Matt Taibbi explains why John McCain was a God send to Democrats and the country:

The ironic thing is that the destruction of the Republican Party

was a two-part process. Their president, George W. Bush, did most

of the work by making virtually every mistake possible in his two

terms, reducing the mightiest economy on Earth to the status of a

beggar-debtor nation like Pakistan or Zambia. This was fucking up

on a scale known only to a select few groups in history, your

Romanovs, your Habsburgs, maybe the Han Dynasty, which pissed away

a golden age of Chinese history by letting eunuchs take over the

state. But John McCain and Sarah Palin made their own unique

contribution to the disaster by running perhaps the most

incompetent presidential campaign in modern times. They compounded

a millionfold Bush's legacy of incompetence by soiling both

possible Republican ideological strategies going forward: They

killed off Bush-style neoconservatism as well as the more

traditional fiscal conservatism McCain himself was once known for

by trying to fuse both approaches into one gorgeously incoherent

ticket. It was like trying to follow the recipes for Texas 10-alarm

chili and a three-layer Black Forest chocolate cake in the same pan

at the same time. The result — well, just take a bite!

I've often thought McCain may have deliberately run a stupid campaign, largely because of self disgust. I don't think he was comfortable with the people he surrounded himself with (Steve Schmidt, Karl Rove etc), but was so desperate to win, he did followed their advice anyway. His conflicting emotions played themselves out on the national stage, and he ran a schizophrenic campaign that ultimately self destructed.