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Banter on The Banter - Gay Marriage Debate

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By Ben Cohen

A reader writes in response to my post on Rick Warren:

I know I'm inviting trolling of all sorts but here's my opinion:

Those who are against Prop8 usually press the necessity of tolerance.

Even if it goes against your point of view and is a complicated

oxy-moron, why can they not be tolerant that there are other people in

their society that do not feel that a man-man union or a woman-woman

union is right and, perhaps, an outright abomination? They must

understand that those who support Prop8 feel same sex unions jeopardize

society by going against an order they believe God created. You don't

need to agree with them, but why can't you be tolerant of the fact that

they have an opinion, albeit an opposing one? Or is tolerance a one-way


I believe this is a specious argument based on a false premise. It's like saying you if you don't like interracial marriage, those views must be tolerated too. If we accept homosexuality as being a natural part of being human
(which scientifically, it clearly is), then gay marriage is perfectly
legitimate. If we deny gays the right to marry based on religious text (which is not scientific), then we must also ban things like having mildew in your house. Denying gays the right to marry is prejudice, and not based on anything remotely provable. Just because you don't like it, doesn't mean you have to enforce your views on the rest of the population, even if you are in the majority. That's why the constitution was set up to protect the rights of minorities in the face of the tyranny of the majority.