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"How Obama Got Elected" & The Right's Delusions

This movie that is being pushed by right wing radio and blogs is exactly the sort of thing that will keep the conservatives and their party as a regional, minority, organization. They've cherry picked comments and commissioned a push poll in order to push the idea that it wasn't a failure of conservatism and the Republican party that led to their historical drubbing at the polls this November, no sir. According to this video and the people pushing it (I heard about it on one of our local right talkers) the right lost because Obama supporters are dumb.

Now, the idea that the people who falsely believe that Barack Obama is a secret Muslim who wasn't born in America are lecturing anyone about wacky beliefs is pretty funny, but even moreso this is a bad sign for the right. When we Dems were out of power it was a comforting thought to think that we were the smart ones and that America was just dumb. That's the kind of thinking that leads to sloppy, elitist party maneuvers and campaigning. Why try to appeal to everyone when they're just a bunch of dummies, right?

In 2006 conservatives said their loss was due to spending and immigration, so they moved more to the right and proceeded to lose another national election. Now conservatives still think they've lost due to spending, earmarks, and immigration and not the failure of conservatism up and down the line from foreign policy to taxes to simple governance. And now to compound their delusion they're starting an initiative to label the majority of voters as stupid.

Apparently these smart guys have never read about the fate of those who insist on repeating history.