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There They Go Again

In the past, when Democrats lost Presidential elections in part from acting like GOP-lite on far too many issues, the conservative DLC would go after them for not being conservative enough. The DLC has of course tried to tout Sen. Obama's victory as a victory for them, even though Obama is one of the most progressive people in the modern era we've ever had as a Democratic party candidate.

The same seems to be true for the GOP. John McCain is as conservative as they come, and in the last months of his campaign he ran further to the right than we're used to seeing on the national stage (you'll remember that George W. Bush ran in 2000 as a less conservative Republican - a "compassionate" conservative). And now the right is going after him for not being hard right enough.

Look, I want the Republican party to move further to the right... but I'm a partisan Democrat so I might not have the GOP's best interests in mind.