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William Ayers Was No Worse Than Nelson Mandela

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By Ben Cohen

William Ayers became the centerpiece of Hillary Clinton and John McCain's campaign, largely because they didn't have anything else to run on. The standard line is that Ayers was a terrorist and blew up Government buildings, but the truth is far more complex. Ayers was part of a radical political movement called 'The Weathermen Underground' that tried to stop the United State's terrorist war in Vietnam (yes, using chemical weapons, extensive carpet bombing, and torture against a civilian population is terrorism). Ayers used very small bombs to cause superficial damage to government buildings that were never aimed at civilians, and never hurt civilians. The ANC in South Africa used far worse tactics against the Apartheid Government, and are now the leading political party. As Nelson Mandela once stated:

I must deal immediately and at some length with the question of
violence. Some of the things so far told to the Court are true and some
are untrue. I do not, however, deny that I planned sabotage. I did not
plan it in a spirit of recklessness, nor because I have any love of
violence. I planned it as a result of a calm and sober assessment of
the political situation that had arisen after many years of tyranny,
exploitation, and oppression.

Ayers did what he thought was right and used minimal disruptive techniques to draw attention to the cause. His name is now being bandied about like a common criminal, and has been subjected to the most disgusting type of character assassination seen only in the mainstream media. Here is Ayers defending himself for the first time in public and attempting to set the record straight: