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London Mayor Uses Boxing To Curb Crime

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By Ben Cohen

As a boxing practitioner, I can wholeheartedly testify to its empowering spirit. It gives me a tremendous amount of confidence and serves as fantastic stress relief. The sweet science is often denigrated as being mindlessly violent and only for thick people, but that could not be further from the truth. Thankfully, London's new Mayor Boris Johnson has decided that boxing could play an instrumental role in getting violent kids off the streets and into the ring where they would have a positive place to put their energy. Apparently, Johnson is holding a Mayoral Cup tournament next week in an attempt to raise the profile of the sport and showcase his plan to increase spending in community centers. The British Medical Association has long wanted to ban boxing, and the program has raised concerns in some corners. But with soaring teenage crime and 28 dead youths in London this year alone, the pitfalls of boxing are relatively insignificant.