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Former McCain Strategist Mike Murphy calls Plain a "spinning hubcap"

Oh Snap! Former McCain(2000) adviser and well-known Republican commentator Mike Murphy compared Sarah Palin's current press tour to a hubcap spinning off a wrecked car on Morning Joe earlier today.

Damn, that's harsh.


And why is the normally reasonable Mika Brzezhinski so ridiculously in the bag for Palin? It's totally inconsistent with both her previous political leanings and the fact that she comes from a very intellectual, and left-wing, family. I just don't get why Mika gives Palin the benefit of the doubt. Sure, Palin's a woman, but she is also a blatantly unqualified individual who got through on ambition, and by charming the boys with a wink and a smile, and thought no one would notice that she doesn't know what the fuck she is saying 80% of the time. And in the 20% of her time when she manages to be coherent, she is at best snide, dismissive, and breathtakingly arrogant. I thought that making fun of research being done on Autism because it is being done in Paris, France was a pretty bold statement for an 'expert' in childhood development issues. You stay classy, Sarah Palin.