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The Dark Heart of Grover Norquist

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By Ben Cohen

Neo Con extraordinaire Grover Norquist (head of 'Americans For Tax Reform) has been doing the rounds in the press, giving his two cents on the future of the Republican Party. Norquist cuts a monstrous figure in the GOP, a sweaty-palmed, bearded pig, literally oozing hatred from every pore of his body. His voice is an influential one in the Republican Party, and Norquist
has been suggesting that Louisiana Govenor Bobby Jindal be the front
runner for 2012. The Daily Banter did a bit of research on Jindal,
discovering quickly that the Govenor is completey barmy, and therefore perfect as the front man for Norquists dark utopic view of America.

Norquist's platform is one of savage capitalism, disdain for the poor and homoerotic obsession with military power. In an interview with British Philosopher Alain De Boton for a documentary called 'Status Anxiety', Norquist describes his political philosophy. Be prepared to shudder: