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Bush Says Free Market Works- What?!?!?!?!?!?

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By Ben Cohen

Bush's understanding of reality came into further question today, as he attempted to defend the free market principles that have literally destroyed the economy.

Yesterday, this statement came from Dan Price, Bush's deputy national security adviser:

"Protectionist rhetoric about walling off markets or companies does not help stabilize markets."

"It in fact leads to greater uncertainty."

In New York today, Bush said that we need to:

"Fix the problems we face, make the reforms we need, and move forward
with the free market principles that have delivered prosperity and hope
to people around the world".
He continued,"History has shown that the greater threat to economic prosperity is
not too little government involvement in the market, it is too much
government involvement in the market," he said. "It would a terrible
mistake to allow a few months of crisis to undermine 60 years of


I know Bush isn't to be taken seriously anymore, but this ideological nonsense needs to be addressed. Deregulation, corporate consolidation, and lack of government oversight has lead to this almighty cock up, and the fact the President Bush does not seem to understand this is another damning indictment of his tragic Presidency. For a thorough rebuttal of this steaming pile of nonsense, check my interview with Noam Chomsky where he exposes the basis of free market capitalism as being completely fraudulent.