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Olbermann wants to arm wrestle O'Reilly

By Ari Rutenberg

In an interview with TV newser's Gail Shister, Keith Olbermann revealed that he takes yoga and "I think I could take him (O'Reilly) if it comes to that." Gotta love the Keith.

Via Mediabistro:

"Olbermann says he agrees with Stephen Colbert's assessment of MSNBC's new 'It' girl, Rachel Maddow, as "the queen of cable."

"Given the lack of success of women as anchors in prime time, it may
not be far from true. There are only two: Greta [van Susteren of Fox
News Channel] and Rachel. (Paging Campbell Brown.)

It's been made more difficult for women, mostly through the actions of men."

Not so for Maddow, however. Olbermann has been her champion from the start.

"People automatically like her," he says. "She's very nice,
aggressively nice. I'm nice when I take the time to remember to be
nice. Sometimes the door opens and I throw a punch."

Speaking of punches, Olbermann says he would crush his nemesis, Fox News' Bill O'Reilly, in an arm wrestling match.

"He'd never do it, because every time we're in the same place, he
keeps himself 25 feet away, but I'm ready to go. I do yoga, work out
three times a week. I think I could take him if it comes to that.""

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