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Bobby Jindal is NUTS

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By Ben Cohen

Desperate to get a Barack Obama of their own, Republicans are looking seriously at Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal, who is of Indian extraction (not Native American Indian). Jindal was interviewed by David Shuster tonight to plug his conservative credentials and pitch his solutions for the country. It seems any ethnic minority will do, as Jindal has some serious skeletons in his closet. On the surface, Jindal cuts an impressive figure for the Republican party, a young Oxford educated politician with a very conservative voting record. But Jindal has some extremely dodgy views that make him completely unelectable should anyone do their research (and yes, we do our research here at The Daily Banter). In 1994, Jindal wrote a bizzarre article for the 'New Oxford Review' (a right wing Catholic magazine) about an exorcism he and his friends performed on a troubled person they knew. Here's a passage of the weird (and extremely boring) piece:

Louisana Governor Bobby Jindal addresses the National Press Club May 2, 2008 in Washington, DC. Political observers have been speculating about Jindal, the first Indian-American elected governor of Louisana, being a possible vice presidential running mate for GOP candidate Sen. John McCain (R-AZ). Jindal lead McCain on a tour of about a dozen blocks of the Lower Ninth Ward during a campaign stop in New Orleans last week.

Susan has talked with ministers, charismatic

pastors, and others. It took months before we could reestablish our

friendship and she was able to trust me. Though I do not have the

answers she desperately seeks, I have provided comfort and support

whenever Susan has fears or doubts. With holy water and blessed

crucifixes, I have even given her physical protection from the de­mons

that have only once reappeared, and then for a mere moment. We have

resolved the tension in our relationship and I am developing the

ability to selflessly care for others.

It shows you how completely lost the Republican Party is if they have to rely on loons like this. The GOP is having a very hard time finding decent politicians able to sell their barbaric policies, and guys like Jindal are their last hope. They tried with Sarah Palin, and the public saw straight through it (although there are an alarming amount of Republicans who want her to run in 2012), and they'll keep churning out half baked idiots until they realize that the politicians aren't the problem, it's their philosophy.