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The Global Magnitude of Our Election

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by Chalan Moon

My pride is growing wildly. I want to be back in America for just one
week to celebrate with all my people. It feels so goooooood to say 'my
people'. By it, I don't mean republicans or democrats, but Americans. I
want to drink copiously with friends and cheers strangers. I want to
give a global high-five. I want to hug my mothers and fathers, brothers
and sisters.

The government has frequently been a thorn of shame in my inability to
feel absolute pride as an American. But not being proud of being an
American is not reprehensible. Being an American means to be
reprehensible of the government and to experience doubt and shame when
it is not functioning with our best interests in mind. Our culture is
our people, our language, and unavoidably our government, just to name
a few contributors.

I am now profoundly proud of my people as actuators of governmental
action. We are The People, and we are The Power of the People. Remember