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Gordon Brown Tries To Ride Obama Phenomenom

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By Ben Cohen

In the new Obama era, politicians all around the world are jumping on the 'Hope' bandwagon. British Prime Minister Gordon Brown is perhaps the antithesis of Barack Obama - a dour, lifeless political power hack who is about as charasmatic as Sarah Palin is worldly. But Brown has received a new lease of life after fellow liberal Obama was elected into power, and has been jazzing up his speeches with some hopeful catch phrases.

Words like 'Hope', 'Life', 'Liberty','Justice', and phrases like 'Global Community', 'Progressive multilateralism' and 'Unyielding hope' make up the new Brown lexicon, and he is trying to present himself as an agent of change in the new political era. Luckily for him, Conservative opposition leader David Cameron has been trying to jump on board too, leaving both politicians looking rather silly.

Both Cameron and Brown supported the war in Iraq, supported the massive deregulation of the financial sector that has caused the financial meltdown, and perpertuated the bickering that Obama's campaign sought to end in the U.S.

Change you can believe in? Not on that side of the Atlantic.