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Super-Blue Maryland Gets Bluer

Maryland was among the bluest of states for Sen. Obama - 62% strong - and now we've added one more Democrat to our congressional delegation:

According to the Associated Press, Democrat Frank Kratovil has defeated Republican Andy Harris to win a seat that has been held by the GOP for 18 years in Maryland's tight 1st District congressional race.

With the first of two rounds of absentee ballots counted, Kratovil had 49 percent of the vote to 48 percent for Harris and two percent for Libertarian Richard Davis.

Kratovil's election-night lead of 915 votes more than doubled to 2,003 after the first absentee ballot count was completed Friday.

And now its down to you, Rep. Roscoe Bartlett...

Or as he's known to me, "The Scourge Of Maryland" for his solo vote against SCHIP.