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Daily Banter Election Night Live Coverage!!!!!!

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Welcome to The Daily Banter Election Night Live Coverage!!!!!

8:22pm Ari Rutenberg: John McCain concedes. Barack Obama becomes President-elect of the United States. The world changes.

6:50pm Ari Rutenberg: Kay Hagen projected to win North Carolina Senate seat from Liddy Dole

6:35 Ari Rutenberg: MSNBC projects New Mexico for Obama...BOOM! that's Bush state number one.

6:24 Ari Rutenberg: Electoral Vote: 195-76 in Obama's favor

6:22pm Ari Rutenberg: MSNBC projects Barack Obama to win Ohio...don't open the bubbly...yet

6:17pm Ari Rutenberg: Electoral Vote Count Obama 175-McCain 76

6.12pm Peter Bauer: Axelrod: "We've waited two years for this, we can wait a few more hours."

6.07pm Peter Bauer: David Axelrod is calm and in control while McCain spokes people are on the "it ain't over 'till it's over" mantra.

5.45pm CNN is calling Pennsylvania for Obama by a BIG margin.

5.36pm Ben Cohen: FiveThirtyEight is tentatively calling New Hampshire for Obama. This could be huge, and a sign that Obama is heading for a landslide.

5.33pm Ben Cohen: MSNBC calls Alabama for McCain. I have a suggestion for the Red States: You get Sarah Palin as President, and NO federal funding. Let's see how quickly it goes Democrat.

5.30 pm Ben Cohen: As we start our live coverage, it is looking mighty fine for Barack Obama. Here's
the latest calls for each state from