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Trouble In Big D

I can't lie, I'm enjoying it.

Owner Jerry Jones doesn't seem overly concerned with the decline and fall of his Dallas Cowboys, but he should be. Rewind the videotape of a 35-14 waxing by the New York Giants, and you'll discover why.

The Cowboys couldn't run. They couldn't pass. They couldn't tackle. They barely defended the pass. And, oh yeah, they couldn't win.


In fact, they got waxed ... again ... with the loss -- the Cowboys' fourth in six games -- putting Big D in the Big Dumpster. Yep, that's the defending division champs you find in last place in the NFC East, two-and-a-half games behind the Giants and desperately clinging to the hope that this week's bye will make everything better.

The Redskins have a chance to put the final nail in the Cowboy's coffin when they come back from their bye. That would be sweet. Monday night's game on national tv would be an excellent shot for the 'Skins to be recognized as a power team, we'll see.