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The Agonizing Death of Our Voting Rights

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by Chalan Moon

In 2000, twenty members of the House of
Representatives presented voter suppression complaints to a joint-session of
Congress. Hundreds of thousands of voters, predominantly black, had been
disenfranchised and refused their right to vote. They also requested that the
recount of Florida continue. Law prohibited action without the support of at
least one senator and one representative. Not one senator stood up. Not one
joined a request to action to defend the democratic right of the people. Every
senator referred to the Supreme Court ruling and dismissed their pleas.
Presidential Candidate Al Gore presided over the hearings and found all
complaints out of order.1

In 2004, voters experienced
voter suppression tactics again: faulty
Diebold electronic voting machines, purged voters, and the illegal destruction or removal of registration forms.
Key figures in demanding justice from these incidences were Presidential
Candidate Ralph Nader and Representative Dennis Kucinich. Kucinich, a
representative of Ohio, described the voter suppression as follows:

Dirty tricks occurred across the state,
including phony letters from Boards of Elections telling people that their
registration through some Democratic activist groups were invalid and that
Kerry voters were to report on Wednesday because of massive voter turnout.
Phone calls to voters giving them erroneous polling information were also

Kucinich, Nader, and other candidates
legally requested recounts in several states. Presidential Candidate John
Kerry, despite wild disappointment expressed by his party, conceded. Neither
the 2000 nor the 2004 voter suppression allegations were heavily covered by the
main stream media.

And now, perhaps more prolifically,
voters are reporting malfunctioning electronic voting machineswhich are
causing voters to wait in lines for 3 hours and longer. In addition, many
voters are finding that they cannot vote due to hundreds of thousands of voters
having been purged from registration lists. Unfortunately, this is legal and is
not receiving the attention it deserves, especially from the Democratic Party.
Many of the organizations accused of voter suppression tactics are republican. Although
the McCain Campaign, Republican politicians, and biased media have repeatedly
accused Sen. Barack Obama of being involved with the
ACORN voter fraud scandal, no democratic effort
is underway to expose the republican tie with current voter suppression

Please, do not wait for the results.
Act now. Provided below is a prepared message to Sen. Barack Obama and contact
information. Feel free to use it and call, email, or fax your concerns. This is
a flagrant infringement on our rights and democracy. Do not be as idle as Gore
or Kerry. As the Dalai Lama said, "Be the change you wish to see in the
world." Stop wishing for change and be it.

Dear Sen. Obama,

Voters are being withheld and impeded
from casting their ballot. I am incredibly concerned that a repeat of the 2000
and 2004 Presidential Election is upon us if you do not act. As a voter and
fellow American, I implore you to address this issue publicly, for the sake of
America, voters, and the change that you promise to deliver to both.

If you are indeed the harbinger of
change, then you will begin by not following in the footsteps of previous
presidential candidates Gore and Kerry and act swiftly in curtailing voter
suppression efforts.

With Utmost Concern,


Contacting the Sen. Obama Campaign

Website: Click HERE to send him an email. Please select, 'Having a
Problem Voting'

Headquarters Phone: (866) 675-2008


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