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Redistributor-in -Chief

by Ari Rutenberg

I know its petty given all that's going on, but I really wish McCain would stop calling Obama the 'redistributionist-in-chief.' The reason is not that I am bothered by what McCain is trying to say, as all Presidents serve that function. The problem is that he keeps not saying it.

Rather than accusing Obama of running to become the person who is responsible for redistributing income, McCain is accusing him of running to be the chief proponent of that ideology. Which, in theory, he already is. If the Democrats are socialists, as McCain claims.

The word 'redistributionist' implys advocacy of a system. If McCain wants to accuse Obama of being Robin Hood, the word he is looking for is 'redistributor.' A redistributor-in-chief would be the one in charge of spreading the wealth. The redistributionist would be in charge of talking about spreading the wealth.

Why must the media, and the pols, accept every new meme presented without the slightest application of critical thought? I'm not what you'd call a stickler for Enlgish grammer, but there has to be some basic agreement on how we use these terms. It's just stupid. McCain has professional speechwriters. If they mean to say re-distributor, why do they not simply do it? I really don't think McCain is getting his money's worth here. Just another small piece of the massivly epic fail that is the McCain/Palin campaign.

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