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Evil Architect: The History of Karl Rove

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By Ben Cohen

Karl Rove's contribution to political life in America has been huge. Slash and burn, divide and conquer, slime and distort were hallmarks of Rovian tactics, and they proved astonishingly successful. Thankfully, it looks like Americans are turning away from these abhorrent strategies, and putting their trust in a politician who has run a remarkably clean campaign.

But we must understand where the Roves of this world have come from, and most importantly, what they do. Here's an interesting PBS documentary on Rove, explaining where he learnt his tactics, and how he applied them to George W. Bush's political campaigns. It's also a reminder that Democrats should not be overly confident about Tuesday's election, as Rovian tactics should not be underestimated. The ability to pump up the conservative base via fear mongering is incredibly effective, and Obama could be in for a suprisingly tight race if the theory works again.