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They Will Believe Anything.

In the heat of this election's back and forth, a lot of nutty stuff comes over the transom. There is credible stuff, and stuff that simply isn't credible. Any blogger with more than one visitor gets this stuff and its up to he or she to choose whether to go with it. That's why it's pretty insane that a veteran blogger like Kevin Aylward of Wizbang (the site frequent commenter JayTea writes for), links seriously to a "report" like this. What does it say?

The blog, Hillbuzz, has a comment from an Obama insider that weaves a conspiracy about how Obama has hired people to skew polls and watch blogs and flood them with pro-Obama comments.

Now, everything here is false. Clearly. This is the same blog, after all, that posted phony stories about the campaign "hiring" 400 bloggers and aided Larry Johnson in pushing the made-up "rant" tape.

In other words, a source far less credible than the recent report that aliens are now supporting McCain. And yet, Aylward links to this and says "Given the fact that Obama is flush with cash I have no problem believing that they're pay people to make him look inevitable."

Four to eight years of this? Wow.

UPDATE: Oh, look, Rush Limbaugh is pushing this too. Perhaps Rush can tell Kevin about how Hillary Clinton killed a guy once, and other myths of the right.