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The McCain Tax Begins To Make Waves

The McCain camp has explicitly said that they want to turn the page on the economic malaise created by Bush-McCain Republican economic policy. That's not an insinuation - the campaign admitted it in the pages of the Washington Post! And like clockwork there's Cruella Palin, screeching about ya know, dem radicals who ya know are palling wit da ya know Barack Obama-er. Or whatever. (Also note that the delicate John McCain has taken yet another day off of the campaign trail while Barack Obama is on like Donkey Kong. Then again, Palin's the only real draw on the GOP ticket, so maybe going underground is MaverickTM's best bet)

What really matters is that John McCain has a plan for health care. A plan that involves taxing the health care of Americans. Remember now that for decades John McCain has been the benficienary of government health care as a veteran of the armed forces and as a U.S. Senator. But for you, Mr. and Mrs. America, he wants to impose a tax of epic proportions.

"The time has come," Obama said, "to solve this problem, to cut health care costs for families and businesses, and provide affordable, accessible health insurance for every American."

He devoted at least half his speech to criticizing McCain. The Republican nominee has proposed to tax the health benefits that 156 million people get through the workplace as income.

Oh, here's a video from the Obama campaign that graphically explains why John McCain so dearly wants to run away from the Bush-McCain record on employment and instead discuss a caricature of Sen. Obama.

UPDATE: McCain is already on the defense over his radical health care plan.