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Subway Doesn't Sell Swiss Cheese Anymore

Most days I go to Subway near my office and pick up a sub. Whether meatball or ham, I always get Swiss cheese - my favorite cheese - to go with it. All of a sudden they stopped stocking swiss. So I went to another Subway, assuming this was localized to just the one store. Turns out Subway has stopped stocking Swiss cheese, period.

What the hell?

Has anyone heard about this? Outrage! I'll be taking my business to Quizno's.

UPDATE: So I contacted the Subway people and they responded this way:

In order to consistently provide satisfaction to our customers by offering high quality food with exceptional service that is a good value, we must continuously review our menu and the ingredients that we use.

Occasionally, we find that some items are not popular, some have declined in overall popularity, some are in short supply or are difficult to work with. In order for us to make room on our menu and in our restaurants for new and exciting foods, we must sometimes choose to not offer or discontinue items from the national menu. Some locations may continue to offer discontinued items as a local item.

We understand that this sometimes makes a customer's favorite food
unavailable. Please be assured that there are still many other great tasting items at your local SUBWAYR restaurant. Perhaps one of them may be your new favorite.

I apologize for any inconvenience and appreciate you taking the time to
contact us. SUBWAYR looks forward to your continued visits.