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Did you ever think that the entire conservative movement would be reduced to pointing to chopped up audio on a Youtube video as their lodestone pointing to the secret communism on the left? Well, that's where they are today.

The right is now going to be reduced to howling that every time we try to do something that's not explicitly outlined in the constitution (like equal rights) that the flag is being burned by liberal commie nazi marxists or something.

It's gonna be fun.


But Obama campaign spokesman Bill Burton said Monday the comments on the tape have " nothing to do with Obama's economic plan or his plan to give the middle class a tax cut."

"Here are the facts. In the interview, Obama went into extensive detail to explain why the courts should not get into that business of "redistributing" wealth. Obama's point -- and what he called a tragedy -- was that legal victories in the civil rights led too many people to rely on the courts to change society for the better. That view is shared by conservative judges and legal scholars across the country," Burton said..

"As Obama has said before and written about, he believes that change comes from the bottom up -- not from the corridors of Washington. ... And so Obama's point was simply that if we want to improve economic conditions for people in this country, we should do so by bringing people together at the community level and getting everyone involved in our democratic process," Burton continued.

Everytime one of these things come up, you should go to Free Republic. They are convinced that every YouTube video, every phony theory about Obama not being elected, and every anecdote-filled story about McCain signs in a neighborhood are proof that Obama is the antichrist and that Republicans are going to win.

UPDATE: Check out the hysteria on National Review. It's like Halloween came early.

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UPDATE2: Drudge says "jump!", McCain asks "how high sir?"

UPDATE: I just saw McCain try to shoehorn this story into his stump speech and he damn near put the crowd to sleep. Keep it up, Mac!