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Powell Endorses, Free Republic Reacts

Break out the hoods.

It's highly unfashionable to say this, but I think it's high time whites in this country got beyond the white guilt syndrome that has replaced open racism.

Negro slavery sucked, but white America fought a bloody war in which over a million whites died which was at least partly about the future of Negro slavery and which resulted in the ending of that slavery. That should be the end of the story.

It's as if elite Americans need something to feel as guilty about as two or three generations of Germans were expected to feel about the Nazi regime, WWII and the partially successful extermination of the German jews.


Most blacks judge ‘by the color of one’s skin.’ That’s RACIST.

They polled the military not too long ago: all groups show overwhelmingly going for McCain, except one - Blacks/African-Americans. If that’s not racist, I don’t know what is.

We know this about Gen. Powell. He was a recipient of a white society who truly judge by the content of one’s character. Too bad, some are POOR JUDGE of character, so somebody who is a complete fraud may rise to the top undetected.


It's the only safe move a black in America could make. Anything else, and the blacks call them an Uncle Tom, are taunting and cruel. Just a practical move, IMHO.


So Powell has joined the 99% of Blacks who are voting for Obama. Who is racist?


So Uncle Colin says it’s cool to be on the Obama Plantation?


And like Oprah, he just confirmed what ‘team’ he plays for. They are African Americans first. Up-town Americans second. Main Street Americans - never.

I've voted for president three times. Every time it was for a white guy, and I would vote for all three of those men again (Clinton, Gore, Kerry). Is that racist?