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Oh These Guys

So the story on the cover of The Weekly Standard this week is all about how the right is standing with McCain/Palin versus "the juggernaut". That's right, kids, the right is now setting itself up as the little guy versus us Democrats. This is a story almost four years to the day after the election where Republicans had created what they said was "a permanent majority". After November 2004, Democrats were supposed to be heading towards extinction. Now we're the juggernaut.

Then the story goes on to cite a quote from Abraham Lincoln commenting on the supposed "gimme" election for Martin Van Buren in 1840, which was won by William Henry Harrison. I guess this is Kristol's version of the now-rampant "don't count your chickens" argument being pushed by the right right now.

But this argument pretty much falls apart when you consider the "juggernaut" is an anti-war black man named Barack Obama.

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