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No Respect

WR Santana Moss laughs at the haters (#2 in receptions for the league so far)

9 out ESPN's 10 "experts" have picked the Eagles to defeat the Redskins on Sunday. And I like it! It often seems where the NFC East is concerned that when they go on a streak the media is quick to declare Dallas and Philly powerhouses, but when the Redskins do well the press is always "shocked" when they win the division or make the playoffs.

That's perfect. When they've done well the Redskins have never been the glamour boys of the NFL. The last 'Skins player I can remember featuring in a national ad was kicker Chip Lohmiller in the "split the uprights" McDonald's commercials with Dolphin Pete Stoyanovich. So, keep ignoring them, pick against them, sports media.

It makes 'em stronger.