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Misremembered History (Bush Led Kerry In 2004 Polling)

In the last week or so, I've seen a repeated mantra on conservative blogs and forums as the poll numbers have shifted more towards Sen. Obama: Kerry led in the polls going into the 2004 election. Now, we all lived through that election and I was pretty damn sure Kerry was behind. I remember staring at the polls, hoping Kerry would get over his deficit. But I checked on the numbers anyway. Here's what the average of the major polls by RealClearPolitics was:

So, while the final number was off, the majority of the polling saw a win for Bush. In many ways, the current polling chart looks quite similar. But with, you know, good guys in the lead. This sort of throws a monkey wrench in the growing conservative conspiracy theory that the polls are liberally biased (I kid you not, go read a thread on Hot Air or Free Republic in the next few days).

I'm the last one who will admit that I know for sure Sen. Obama is going to win. There are a lot of variables at play. But I feel positive about the likely result. I think Obama has the momentum, money, and support to win.

I have a strong feeling Barack Obama will be our next president. And if that happens, everything... everything changes.

ALSO: I should take this moment and note that there are few things I loathe more than undecided voters. Obama and McCain have been campaigning for this thing for almost two years now. They've both participated in debates, advertised all over the country, and been the subject of thousands of news stories. The general election for the most powerful nation in the world is 28 days away and you're telling me that you're still unsure? Well then I'm sorry, you don't get to vote. If only.