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For the last few days, at a distance the McCain campaign has whipped up a frenzy of nativist sentiment against Barack Obama. They've accused him of being strange, not a supporter of America, and of course as a terrorist sympathizer. They've done it mostly through Sarah Palin's forked tongue, but McCain also took a punch at Sen. Obama, powering through an attack as the assembled mob screamed "terrorist" at Obama's name.

Then a funny thing happened on Tuesday night. John McCain had to go into a room with Barack Obama. He had to stand on stage with Sen. Obama and in front of the entire nation. Surely John Mccain, a veteran of combat, would take the baton from his running mate, get up in front of the naive Barack Obama and show him who the real American in the race is.

Then he fizzled.
He shot blanks.
The horse never got out of the gate.

John McCain suffered from a case of Electoral Dysfunction that no little pill can cure. Because Barack Obama was able to tell America why he disagreed with Sen. McCain right to Sen. McCain's face in the same tone Barack Obama uses in Chicago, Miami, Indianapolis, Madison, Scranton, and everywhere else across the country.

Because Barack Obama is a man.