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Ground Game Watch

I have sort of reflexively put a red state like Missouri in the no-win category, even with top Obama surrogate Sen. Mcaskill on board since just about day one. After reading this devastating comparison of the field offices from the two campaigns... I'm not so sure.

It rings true because I've seen the same about McCain's ground work so far. From the start Obama planned to have the same sort of in-state campaign network Bush used in 2004, and the extended primary season versus Sen. Clinton meant they had live tests to see what can and can't work combined with whatever data they mined from both campaigns being deposited back into the DNC's computer brain. McCain's campaign echoes the sort of national tv-centric model that President Clinton used in 1996. Except that was 12 years ago with a popular president. Sen. McCain has none of those advantages and a money gap with his opponent.